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Bathroom cabinet purchase mistakes

Without going through several renovations, it is really difficult to find out that there is so much knowledge in the purchase of a single bathroom cabinet.
1. Bathroom cabinet size
I bought the finished bathroom cabinet directly, thinking that it would be enough to increase the size of the door. As a result, after the installation is completed, it is either left empty here, or it is installed too high, and the utilization rate of the top storage cabinet becomes low, or it is installed too low, and it is uncomfortable to bend over.
Later, it was discovered that the height of the bathroom cabinet has a formula, and the appropriate height of use is determined according to the height of the human body: height of the basin used = height (cm) / 2 ± 5 (cm)
2. Basin style
I value the appearance of the basin on the countertop, but ignore that it is really inconvenient to clean this thing later.
3. Basin faucet size
The size of the faucet is too small, and the washbasin on the counter hits the wall.
The faucet is too high and is prone to splashing water.
It is recommended that the faucet is about 10-15 cm higher than the wash basin.