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How to clean artificial stone wash basin

How to clean artificial stone wash basin
Artificial stone usually refers to artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial stone granite, etc. Different types of artificial stone have different components, the main components are resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent. It is a practical scientific material produced and continuously improved with the progress of human social science and technology, and it is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material.
Compared with traditional building materials such as stainless steel and ceramics, artificial stone not only has a variety of functions and colors, but also has a wider range of applications. Artificial stone is non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, oil-free, impermeable, anti-bacterial and mildew-proof, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, easy to maintain, seamless splicing, modification.
1. Use toothpaste.
Toothpaste has the effect of removing yellowing, which is well known, and also applies to artificial stone washbasins. Method: Use a waste toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, brush the dirt on the artificial stone washbasin, and brush lightly. This reduces yellowing without removing dirt from the surface of the ceramic washbasin.
Second, the use of cleaning agents.
Some washing powders also have the effect of removing yellowing. You just need to sprinkle some detergent on the yellow spots of the artificial stone vanity and wipe it off with a cloth.
Third, use white vinegar.
The yellow artificial stone washbasin can also be cleaned with white vinegar, which can decompose part of the dirt and has a good decontamination effect.
Fourth, the use of cleaning agents.
Go to the nearby supermarket and buy a bag of stain remover powder, then sprinkle it on the artificial stone washbasin. Wipe the artificial stone washbasin repeatedly with a brush, the effect is obvious, and it has a fragrance.
5. Use bleach.
Dilute the bleach water, then scrub the artificial stone wash basin, and immediately rinse with water after scrubbing. This method can be said to be a good method for removing dirt and whitening.