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What is artificial stone

Artificial stone refers to artificial stone made of natural stone powder, such as marble powder, glass powder, calcite, etc., as well as resin and other materials, mixed with adhesives through extrusion curing and other processes. Common artificial stones are artificial quartz. Stone, artificial stone granite, etc.
1. The appearance is beautiful and generous. The surface of artificial stone is smooth and not easy to fade, and it also has the texture of natural stone, which is very decorative. In addition, its surface has no voids, it is not easy to enter water and has a low water absorption rate.
2. Wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Artificial stone is also stone, has certain wear resistance, and its service life is relatively long. And the stone has a certain temperature resistance, if used as a cabinet countertop, it is very durable!
3. There are many color styles to choose from. The artificial stone itself is artificially manufactured, and its plasticity is very strong, and it can manufacture stone of various shapes and colors according to the market demand. The decorative effect is also very good.
4. Natural environmental protection and no pollution. Although artificial stone is artificially made, the raw materials used are natural materials such as stone powder and resin, and there is no need to add harmful substances during the construction process. Therefore, artificial stone is still relatively green and environmentally friendly!
5. The price is cheap. Compared with natural stone, the price of artificial stone is much cheaper. The price is divided according to the quality of the brand. Under normal circumstances, it is between 60-120 per centimeter.
1. The texture is soft and easy to scratch. Compared with natural stone, artificial stone is slightly inferior in hardness, and it is more prone to scratches, which affects the appearance! When using it, you should be careful not to scratch or hit with sharp objects to prevent the stone from brittle.
2. Poor shrinkage performance. After all, artificial stone is made of stone powder, and its shrinkage performance is poor. If the hot and cold temperatures intersect frequently, it is easy to crack and damage.
3. High temperature can easily make artificial stone lose its luster. If artificial stone is used as the countertop of the cabinet, then it is best not to place overheated appliances on the surface of the stone, otherwise, the long-term high temperature will make the stone lose its luster and affect the appearance!