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Small Apartment bathroom vanity with sink MK8118-60

Small Apartment bathroom vanity with sink MK8118-60

  • Main cabinet: 600X360X515mm
    Mirror: 500X800mm
    Color: 17#
    Countertop: artificial stone bright

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Thickened stainless steel × modern minimalist design
Small apartment suitable for 304 stainless steel large capacity storage
High-definition silver mirror, one-piece basin, intimate hot and cold faucet
Multiple sizes and multiple configurations
Solve small space challenges
Free space There is always one that fits the size
Thickened 304 stainless steel main cabinet 304 full cabinet frame
Double layer 304 stainless steel, densely clamped 1.65cm aluminum honeycomb
One-step moisture-proof and stable
Texture sand white, three-proof film, 304 anti-knock, anti-dirty, waterproof and easy to clean
Simple and comfortable sand white feel, with three-proof technology
Less cleaning and easier cleaning.
HD explosion-proof silver mirror
Clearly reflect your beauty
Use explosion-proof technology to ensure your safety at all times. Float glass is created, the image is clear, and the far light is not deformed
Small design, great storage home storage favorite
Three-storey high layout, large storage and storage
Easily placed to store daily necessities
Small design, great storage home storage favorite
Three-storey high layout, large storage and storage
Easily placed to store daily necessities
Large-capacity main cabinet storage always tidy your home
Use the three-dimensional space to easily store large items in the super storage space, all of which can be stuffed inside
Store 85% of bathroom items
1280°C high temperature firing 304 one-piece ceramic basin
Minimalist lines, glazed swastika, even, delicate and non-staining
Deepened basin bottom large water storage design, long-term use without discoloration
Super wide inner basin space Scientific and smooth angle Super three-dimensional water retaining edge
Generally, the inner depth is 15am, and the design of smooth edges and corners
The water retaining edge is integrally formed after ceramic firing
The package defaults to an electroplated silver hot and cold faucet
Lead-free faucet to open a healthy water life
Good material makes good quality
The more details, the smaller the screw accessories
Also built with care
pay more attention
Bounce-type sewer
Refined copper material, worry-free in the water
Universal telescopic downpipe
Durable Cushioning Full Copper Bounce Launcher
304 stainless steel hinge Universal telescopic downpipe
Refined copper explosion-proof copper head high pressure explosion-proof
Hot and cold angle valve x 2 80cm hose x 2
Product parameters. Size 304
Cabinet color: Cabinet material: 304 stainless steel + aluminum honeycomb
Sand white basin material: one-piece ceramic basin
Faucet valve core: ceramic sheet valve core Faucet material: copper inner core
Drainer: All-copper push-type drainer Hinge: 304 stainless steel mute hinge
Downpipe: 80cm PVC pipe Inlet pipe: 80cm fine copper explosion-proof hose

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